QoL meds and Genoa Healthcare Receive Final Approval to Combine Companies

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QoL meds places full service pharmacies inside of community mental health centers and federally qualified health centers.

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Our Partners in Care Program sets us apart from any other pharmacy.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “QoL meds is beneficial to Coleman Professional Services in three key areas: - The onsite pharmacy has enhanced our ability to offer integrated care by providing easier access to medication for our clients and their families. - QoL meds has enhanced coordination of pharmacy information and they provide valuable feedback to our prescribers. - QoL meds allows our Coleman staff to work more efficiently in coordinating our client’s medication services. Together we are now more of an efficient team!’
    Nelson W. Burns, President & CEO – Coleman Professional Services
  • “We have found the QoL has consistently exceeded our expectations.  During our search for a pharmacy partner, we came to the conclusion that QoL was the best fit for our clinic. The key metric was how the relationship developed after the contract was signed. I can say without reservation that the partnership has been everything we hoped for and more. From the President to line staff,they have been true partners in care.”
    Jon Evans, CEO – Safe Harbor Behavioral Health
  • We understand how important a stable relationship is to your consumers. QoL meds has never ended a partnership since the company originated in 1999. "QoL Meds has been at Southern Highlands since May 19, 2008. The friendly staff and convenience of having your medication when you leave the office has been welcomed by our patients and staff. With automatic refills, compliance has increased. QoL will match any local pharmacy’s prices. The individual attention given for medication counseling is a blessing.” "I would recommend QoL Meds to any mental health center."
    Judy Akers – CEO Southern Highlands Community
  • "The pharmacist, his staff and the management group at the national level have become not only work partners but friends with our clinicians, staff and administrators. QoL truly knows the importance of building long term relationships as a strong corporate business practice. “Simply put, they are honest, easy to work with, devoted to client care and have a mission that makes for easy partnering with a community mental health system of care."
    Fred H. Michel, MD – CMO ASPENPOINTE
  • “At Qol meds, we track refill cycles and provide prescribers and case managers with feedback on medication compliance. We package medication for many of our clients to assist with daily dosing and provide a reminder when it’s time for their refill. We collaborate with prescribers to manage clozapine patients, and provide all of the patient’s injectable medications to be administered during their office visit. Our team assists with prior authorizations and coordinate patient assistance programs.  We are a full service pharmacy and are able to meet all of the client’s prescriptions needs, which allows us to identify duplications in therapy or interactions, more so than if they used multiple outside pharmacies. I attend med staff meetings and participate on the P&T committee. Onsite pharmacy increases the support surrounding this particular group of patients and fosters collaboration between the pharmacy and the treatment teams to improve overall outcomes which is really what we all want.”
    Angela Rudd, Pharmacist QoL Meds Inside Seven Counties Services – Louisville, KY
  • "Perhaps the greatest benefit offered by this collaboration is the excellent communication provided by the QoL pharmacist. There is continuous coordination of care between the TERROS medical providers, the clinicians, and the QoL pharmacist. TERROS patients have the benefit and peace of mind of knowing that their QoL pharmacist has direct communication with their medical provider for any issue, which they do not have with outside pharmacies. The QoL pharmacist is consistently available to patients themselves, to address questions and concerns they may have regarding their medication protocol, and they are aware that the QoL pharmacist coordinates these concerns with the TERROS medical providers. This provides a complete circle of care for the patient."
    Dale Rinard, Former CEO of TERROS, Inc. Phoenix, AZ
  • Quality service and appreciation for the needs of our clients are at the cornerstone of QoL’s commitment to Suncoast Center. This commitment to meeting the pharmaceutical needs of clients promptly and in a convenient setting meets our agency’s expectations for quality care and service. "The professional team at QoL from pharmacist assistants … to pharmacists … to management … are all focused on providing a quality customer service that is sensitive to each person’s needs. This is extremely important to our clinical staff and it is what makes QoL so special in this field. In addition, we are pleased in QoL’s efforts in attaining cost savings for both Suncoast Center and to our clients.
    Barbara Daire, President/CEO Suncoast Center, Inc.
  • One of our consumers called to let us know that our Pharmacist, Dawn was "...extremely friendly, organized, and efficient. She always has their medication prepared early." This consumer wanted to express her deep appreciation for Cummins' services and the availability of onsite pharmacy."
    Ann Borders, President and CEO Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.